What are the top survival foods on the West Coast?

Join foraging chef Robin Kort for a FREE 3 part video series covering her top picks for hand survival foods (no fish hooks!). Or if you think you might be able to make it without help, test the breadth of your knowledge with our foraging survival quiz and see if you have what it takes to last through a cold coastal winter!

What's included?

This mini course includes the 3 videos taken from the most popular chapters covered in my full online foraging courses on mushrooms, plants and seafoods. Hope you enjoy learning a few survival tricks and taking the quiz.

Land foraging
Plant for Survival
Join Chef Robin on land covering the most useful plant for surviving through the year. Not only is it edible from root to leaf, it's darn tasty.

Fall Survival Food

There are a ton of mushrooms you can eat in fall, we'll showcase one of the most common fungi to get you through when the chill sets in.

Fruits of the Ocean

The sea is your winter survival region, when all the plants have gone underground till spring, the ocean is your best provider.

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