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Winter is truffle season! The harvesters are out picking in Italy and right here in BC. Join Chef Robin Kort for a three course online cooking class highlighting truffles. You can keep it simple and buy fresh noodles and truffle oils or you can go all the way and source your own fresh truffles and hand make the pasta with Chef Robin. At heart, these are her three best truffle recipes. The key to making delicious truffle dishes is in letting the truffle be the star of the show, minimizing other ingredients and focusing on texture and perfect culinary balance. So celebrate by making a magical truffle three course for your loved one. 8 online videos are released to you right away, so you can start cooking, feel free to email Chef any questions you might have.

The Truffle Menu

Avgolemono soup - lemon, rice, chives, black truffle

White truffle cream sauce on handmade tagliatelle, pecorino

Truffle honey coconut macaroons

Meet Chef Robin Kort...

With more than a decade of cooking and hunting wild mushrooms, truffles are a focal point of her winter cuisine. Chef Robin is a food educator teaching about how to identify, harvest and prepare wild Pacific Northwest ingredients for agrologists, chef teams and people like you. Her cooking style is free and easy where simple fresh ingredients are the star of the show.

Robin is a native Vancouverite who grew up slaving in the cities bustling restaurant scene. She’s collaborated on food events with some of the cities best chefs from Hawksworth, Andrea Carlson of Burdock & Co, Wildebeests Jacob Deacon-Evans, Campagnolo’s chef Ted Anderson. Her sommelier studies were under the wise Barb Phillips (Master of Wine).   She is a member of the Vancouver Mycological society and has been running wild mushroom foraging trips and cooking classes for 10 years in Vancouver. Her culinary company Swallow Tail was created to unite her passions for cooking, drinking, foraging, friends and the great outdoors.  Chef Robin has been interviewed on the Food Network with Bob Blummer, CBC with Steven Quinn, Montecristo Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, the Huffington Post, Conde Nast Traveller and the Globe and Mail.

Pasta making is a joy!

It's one of my favourite dishes to teach, because it seems so hard but really is very simple and satisfying to make. One of the classic base dishes for showcasing white Alba truffles from the Piedemonte region of Italy. You can use a good truffle oil or fresh truffles in season.

Fresh Black Truffle - Perigord

Includes chef tips on where to buy the best truffle ingredients from oils to fresh, because quality matters.


Coconut Macaroon with truffle honey

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Onion Sommelier: Bonus for food nerds...

A bonus section is included in the course on Chef Robin's flavour and cooking analysis on the humble onion. Onions are a culinary staple across cuisines, so why don’t we get to know how best to them? She examines common onions from leeks to bullets and what they are best used for outlining aroma and taste in both raw and caramelized.