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Hi, I’m chef Robin! Thanks for joining us here.

I have been teaching foraging programs from wild mushrooms to winter foraging classes at UBC Farms in Vancouver and in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve for a decade. My experience spans from being a commercial wild foods supplier for restaurants, picking wild mushrooms and micro-greens to serve at some of Vancouver's high end restaurants to bringing agrologists and forestry students into the field for lectures on traditional food plants of BC.

I am excited to guide you on your foraging journey.

Robin is a fantastic educator and she happily shows off her love of edible, and non-edible, mushrooms that are available in our local forests. This course is a must for anyone who wants to find out more about nature's bounty.

Stephen S.

Robin, our guide is an amazing instructor. Tasting huckleberries, thimbleberries and weeds, really made us appreciate what the wild has to offer us as food. I love farmers markets and organic food, but Swallow Tail tours gave me the knowledge to try food even closer to the earth and nature. Looking forward to my next class!

Niki G.

The foraging class is just wonderful. I can guarantee you will learn a great deal and see our beautiful forests and oceans in a whole new way!

Christa D.